Corrugated Plastic or referred to in the industry as “Coro,” this material is predominately used for temporary and promotional signage.
It’s ideal for lawn signs such as election signs, sales, directional signage, real estate signs, or site signs for new building projects.

A PVC “Foam” that is lightweight yet rigid and durable, it is ideal for medium-term signs for use both indoors and outdoors.
It’s commonly used for menu boards, point of purchase, and tradeshow directionals. Other brand names for this PVC product are Sintra, Kapabloc, Foamacell.

Dibond is an aluminum composite material made of two sheets of .012 aluminum with a solid polyethylene plastic core.
This material is ideal for mid-to-long term outdoor signs as it is not prone to warping in high heat. Great for use in Post & Rail signs or wall signs.

Alumalite corrugated alum face, A composite material made of two sheets of .012 aluminum with a corrugated plastic core, Alumalite is used for long-term
lawn signs, building signs, fence- or post-mounted signs, sales kiosks, and more. This is a very rigid product that can be used between two 4×4 posts and not
bend with the wind. Because it is as strong as MDO & fiberboard, but it’s plastic & aluminum, it will not degrade in the weather.

MDO has an exterior-use, long-term grade plywood core, with a moisture-proof smooth surface. Plastic edgecap is optional. It’s perfect for construction
site signs, real-estate signs, billboards, double post signs and more. We will generally print a sheet of vinyl to cover one or both faces
(single or double sided), which provides an additional layer of protection for the painted faces.

This solid aluminum sheet features a smooth, baked enamel surface and is sold in a variety of gauges. Aluminum is ideal for long- to permanent-use signs
such as traffic, parking lot, park, and reusable real-estate signs. White baked enamel faces come in .080, and .040 thicknesses. Raw aluminum faces may
be used if the sign needs to be made reflective by sheeting out with engineer grade reflective vinyl before printing.

Alupanel aluminium composite sheets consists of a polyethylene core sandwiched between two 0.3mm aluminium skins. With all the benefits of aluminium
composite and the full range of colours and finishes, Alupanel combines durability with flexibility. Particularly suited to high wear environments, this
formable and dual-sided sheet has one satin finish surface and the other in 75% gloss. White sheets now come with an ultrawhite finish as standard for
optimised printed colours. We carry Alupanel in 3mm thick, and 6mm thick.

These are versatile substrates used for a large variety of applications. Available in multiple translucence levels and thicknesses, they’re perfect for modern
lobby displays, backlit signs of all types, 3D lettering, and more. Cagle Designs can print on the reverse side of clear plexiglass and sheet out the print
with white vinyl to make a great indoor wall sign that is very protected. Acrylic and Plexiglass are used frequently in healthclubs & offices.

Foamcore is a soft, inexpensive paper product with a wood-fiber veneer. GatorPlast is an extruded, rigid, lightweight polystyrene foam board bonded
between two layers of ultra thin polystyrene veneer. These are typically used for medium term office displays, kiosks, POP, exhibits, custom shaped signs,
easel signs, and temporary signs.

Styrene Polystyrene High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS) offers a consistent, easily printed matte surface for either one or two sided printing applications.
This polystyrene product, available in HIPS sheet or rollstock form, is especially suitable for digital printing of displays, POP graphics, signs, translights,
tags and cards. It can also be contour cut.

Lexan / Polycarbonate comes in translucent white or clear for use in sign faces on backlit signs. It is 3/16″ thick and can be cut to many sizes up to 100″
x length of sign. We can print full color on translucent vinyls, or cut a variety of solid colors of vinyl to update your sign face.

Other options are always available. CAGLE DESIGNS offers a variety of other options for signs to fit any need. Foamcore, a traditional, and more economical
foam board for short-term indoor use and displays; wood/PVC/metal composite materials for specific sign uses; speciality textured materials for unique
artistic applications; static cling or temporary adhesive materials, wall murals and decals are some other options to consider. The possibilities are endless!
We’ll be happy to brainstorm ideas for you and lend our expertise to your sign project.