How you look is almost as important as what you have to offer. Let’s face it – if your corporate image is bland, boring or just plain ugly – that’s how people will think of your business and the products or services you sell. We evaluate and give ideas and direction. With over 15 years of experience in working with small businesses, our ideas will help build your business. It is your overall look that gives customers the confidence in your business and in you.


A theme is essential for setting the groundwork for exactly how a company’s brand will be interpreted by the public.

In business marketing, an often overlooked part of the process is the development of a brand theme. A theme also determines the core beliefs and processes of the company internally. Every aspect of the company’s internal workings, from the thinking that defines the products or services offered to the attire, and personality of each employee all become part of the theme.

The focus of the theme is on the interaction between the company and it’s clients. By starting with a well-developed brand, we help companies achieve a better connection between themselves and their clients.


Why go to through the trouble of developing an image for your company if it isn’t going to be consistent? Effective branding always hinges on consistency and a style guide helps that happen.

No matter who becomes involved with your company’s image, you can be kept on the same page simply by using the style guide. This simple and effective tool also adds a level of professionalism that shows you take your company seriously and can weigh heavily in a multitude of business situations.


Putting forth a professional image is essential for any business.
Turning that image into something recognizable builds awareness and trust.

We have options for creating an identity from the ground up, or simply polishing an already existing image. Regardless of the scope of the project, each of our clients experience an in-person, one on one consultation with a designer.

Cagle Designs is committed to making the logo design process easy and successful. By combining great design work with open communication and quick turnaround, we produce perfect custom logos that truly enhance and reinforce a company’s image.

Completed logos are of course only the first step. Many of our clients choose to take the next step which involves applying their new logo to business cards, letterhead, brochures, signage, etc. We handle every aspect of that process from design through production and finished product.

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