SITE SIGN 1Site Signs are used by different types of businesses for a variety of purposes. They come in different sizes and are made with various types of materials depending upon your signage needs. Site Signs are often used as temporary signs to promote a new business or shopping center or to advertise the sale of commercial real estate property. Common sizes for this type of use include 4’x4′ and 4’x8′ made on a variety of sign boards depending upon needs. They are usually mounted on pressure treated wood posts.

SITE SIGN 2Keep in mind these are not the only sizes or purposes used for this type of sign. Site Signs are a flexible design to work with and can be used as a permanent sign to designate the location of your business or directional for your property.

The cost of a site sign depends on factors such as size, type of materials used, time involved, and design. If you need help in deciding the type of sign you need. Contact us and we will be happy to work with you!

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